Testimonials 1

David is one of the best in the Reverse mortgage industry. I personally have known David for years and he treats his clients like family.

Rob Scheibe

Two years ago David was referred to me as an excellent Reverse Mortgage specialist. We met several times to discuss what a reverse mortgage entailed and if it was the right decision for me. There was no pressure to move forward. In fact, David was clear that I should totally understand how a reverse mortgage works before I decided to go forward. I appreciated the extra time he took to make sure my daughters and I were clear on the product and procedures.
After completing the reverse mortgage process, David has stayed in touch with me and we’ve talked about the further options available to me. We’ve also become valued friends and I know that I can depend on David to be upfront and honest regarding my best interest. He was and still is true to everything he says.

Barbara E.

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